Big Data – Facebook vs Google who will win the battle for digital advertising?

Don’t waste time worrying about privacy issues and Big Data, let’s just focus on the end game for online marketing I watched a documentary this week on how science fiction has inspired innovation and in particular George Lucas and his pioneering work through Industrial Light and Magic. According to the documentary the Star Wars targeting […]

Five cost-effective ways to build customer loyalty

Remember, less can be more Your customers are arguably the most important ‘asset’ of your business. With the cost of acquiring new customers being six to seven times more retaining your existing ones then having a program to keep and build loyalty with your existing customers is key. In today’s economic climate many businesses and […]

Less can often be more when building customer loyalty

Why a $45 scarf could build better loyalty than a $55 coat. Customers are arguably the most important ‘asset’ of your business. Let’s face it, without them you don’t have a business. Businesses have two basic choices when it comes to customers. 1. Get (the right) new customers, and 2. Get those     customers to love […]