Sometimes less is more when it comes designing your customer retention strategy

Find out why customers were happy to pay 35% more for 10% less product? With the multitude of how-to material on pricing available – 11,000 titles alone on – the question of pricing strategy still remains a vexing one for many businesses. It’s actually quite a complex area as getting it right involves a […]

Five cost-effective ways to build customer loyalty

Remember, less can be more Your customers are arguably the most important ‘asset’ of your business. With the cost of acquiring new customers being six to seven times more retaining your existing ones then having a program to keep and build loyalty with your existing customers is key. In today’s economic climate many businesses and […]

Less can often be more when it comes to your pricing strategy

How ‘lean’ thinking could help you charge more for less, and save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs Your pricing strategy could be the single biggest factor that determines the success and profitability of your business.  Finding the ‘sweet spot’ that matches price with customer value with product and service specification is a constant […]

Less can often be more when building customer loyalty

Why a $45 scarf could build better loyalty than a $55 coat. Customers are arguably the most important ‘asset’ of your business. Let’s face it, without them you don’t have a business. Businesses have two basic choices when it comes to customers. 1. Get (the right) new customers, and 2. Get those     customers to love […]