Why you need Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson to run your next Strategic Planning Session?

A study by Franklin Covey the authors of the four disciplines of execution http://www.4dxbook.com/#/videos/overview/ revealed that most businesses fail to achieve their strategic objectives because they simply have too many. The study showed that once companies spread their focus on three or more “BHAGS”, “Wildly Important Goals” or “Mission Critical Strategies”, [insert preferred buzzword here] […]

Sometimes less is more when it comes designing your customer retention strategy

Find out why customers were happy to pay 35% more for 10% less product? With the multitude of how-to material on pricing available – 11,000 titles alone on amazon.com – the question of pricing strategy still remains a vexing one for many businesses. It’s actually quite a complex area as getting it right involves a […]

When it comes to managing change maybe we all need to become mixed martial artists?

Bruce Lee

In a 2011 study of project failures amongst of over 150 executives and $200M in investment it was found that over one-third of these projects were at risk of failure1. Compare that with the seminal study of project failures carried out in 1995 by the Standish Group that showed 31.1% of projects fail, and over […]